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IAS rank-holders Story of Gopala Sundara Raj and R.V. Karnan

5may rnjsrns1 ias.rtf 2 G1S4QII7P.106THGOPALRAJ 264x300 - IAS rank-holders Story of Gopala Sundara Raj and R.V. KarnanThe story of IAS rank holders  Gopala Sundara Raj and R.V. Karnan who bagged the 5th and the 158th IAS rank respectively in UPSC Civil Services Examination in the year 2012. Raj who hails from Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu  holds the IAS rank of  5th and R.V. Kanan comes from Karaikudi city of Sivaganaga district of the same state who holds the IAS rank of 158th. They bought pride to their family and the villageand became the IAS rank holders from theirvillage.

Raj’s parents were not able to study beyond the primary school, they always wanted their boy to study in a english medium school but had to drop the idea because of the poor financial conditions. They did not believed when they came across the news that their son cleared IAS examination despite not being studied in advanced curriculum, he proved that poverty can never be an obstruction in the path of success if you are determined to your dreams and goals.

R.V. Kanan who was the national topper in IFS [Indian Foreign Service] examination in the year 2007. He proved that and belived that coaching institutes and the medium of construction is not required to clear civil services examinations. His father worked as a librarian at a college and mother is a sub registrar in their home town. They have set great examples to the upcoming UPSC aspirants.

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