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Inspirational Story of Ansar Shaikh the youngest IAS officer

Inspirational Story of son of an auto rickshaw driver Ansar Ahmed Shaikh

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An inspirational story of Ansar Ahmed Sheikh the youngest IAS officer, UPSC topper, 21 year old boy, now IAS officer. He became the youngest candidate to crack the UPSC Civil Services exam  in 2015 with an all India rank of 361 in his very first UPSC attempt and became the youngest  IAS officer.

He is the son of an auto rickshaw driver, the brother of a mechanic. IAS officer, Ansar Ahmed Sheikh is from a marginalised family from the Jalna village of Maharashtra. In spite of being in his vulnerable economic conditions, he stood out in studies from the beginning and landed in the very prestigious college where he studied Bachelors in Political Science in Pune.

Having a strong will pulled along he used to work 12 hours per day straight for three consecutive years alongside he was preparing for his UPSC Civil Services exam. that was the first step towards to become IAS officer.

Maharashtra’s youngest IAS officer Ansar Shaikh Cleared UPSC 2015 – 2016 UPSC Examination

He challenged all odds, including religious discrimination o crack the most competitive exams of UPSC examination of India and became IAS officer with topping the UPSC civil services examination. Coming all the way from a poor Muslim conservative family, his achievements are to be praised and applauded as he aimed of becoming an IAS officer and achieved his goal.

His achievement of becoming an IAS officer became an inspiration story for many poor aspirants who come from a low class families who try hard to leave a mark of themselves in this world to cut the throat-out inspiration.

This IAS officer, civil servant coming from a backward underdeveloped region and belonging to a minority community has an inspirational story of more of an insight for him to study the many horizontal differences that exist in our society. Moreover, his empirical tryst with the social obstruction has also provided him with the many solutions to deep rooted problems as an administrator. He became the youngest IAS officer tackling the all odds.

2015 – 2016 ias officer inspirational story topper UPSC UPSC Civil Services exam

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