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Tips to UPSC Civil Services Examination Prelims 2018

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These tips to UPSC will help UPSC candidates to notch up success in the Civil Services Examination. UPSC exams need more mental and civil strength. Tips to UPSC exam and test preparation is a source to success tips to UPSC. To get started with IAS preparation you should first have some idea about the service itself. To aspire for this golden service you need to prepare for IAS smartly, persistently and patiently. These following tips to UPSC will help you manage your time and studies accordingly.


1. Work smart not hard

All of your efforts will become worthless if you lose control on the exam day. Hard work may help you to complete the tasks but you may not be able to do so efficiently, and there’s where smart work plays a great role. In prelims luck might have a say in your tale, bu tin mains you should create your own luck. Make techniques to enhance your memory by using visual aids like info graphics, timeline, charts, graphs, tables, abbreviations to recall the information and can be used to revise before the examination.

2. Manage time accordingly

In UPSC civil services Mains examination 2018, equal importance should be given to all the papers. Balance between your general studies and optional subject preparation.Candidates sometimes just focus on all general studies papers and leave the optional subject preparation for later on and vice versa. Do not do that, have a balance between two. It is one of the most efficient tip to UPSC.

3.Try single tasking rather than opting for multi tasking

We know that candidates need to prepare history, geography, current affairs, mental ability,etc. Chuck it down. Prepare for one subject at a time. Say preparing for polity along with current affairs which one should cover some everyday.

4.Look for the correct knowledge

Your friend might refer you many books as saying this is the best, that is the best, this is unique, and you jump from one book to another in hope to cover each subject from every course. Stop taking the information, stop loading yourself immediately look for what is required as mention in the syllabus and study accordingly. A lot more can be dig out by constant and repeated reading the few relevant books.

5.Take your very own tests accordingly

Solve previous years’ question papers to clear out chances of errors in the civil services examination. Testing yourself will give you the motivation to prepare more. It will provide to get the hang of time management accordingly and will give you clear idea of the paper so that you can decide which section has to be attempted first.

6.Make very short notes while preparing for MAINS

Develop a habit of having  UPSC civil services Mains syllabus on your table by making short notes or sticky notes which are  to be covered in the mains examination, it will help you read the relevant subject topics and memories them. Notes help you revise the concepts quickly when a candidate wrestles with time. It is advisable to prepare notes especially to the topics which seems tough to you. Making notes will will help you remember the concepts in a better way.

7.Look for what the question demands

Preparing accordingly will help you answer correctly what the question has asked you. Unfortunately  your preparation can never be perfect no matter how hard you try. The latest syllabus will have questions which will always be unpredictable.

8.Look for whats is absolutely essential

Minimum number of books = Maximum benefits. There is no need to read the same subject again and again from different resources, read only what is absolutely essential rather than relying on so many. The books should be paired up with the mock test to recognize what more has to be studied under the subject or the topic.

9.Revise the syllabus twice before the exam

Organise your syllabus in such a way that there is time left for you to revise, so that you don’t forget any topic and while revision you will not leave any topic. Revise everything from initial to the end. Its helps the students to get a good hold on all the topics they have studied.

10.Make your basics strong

Having a strong command over the basic is as important as one before studying words like cat,bat one should know the words. The basics are important and it’s better to know the base of any topic rather than just knowing the entire subject. Candidates tend to overlook the prelims as the questions asked are objective in nature, but the questions come out to be tricky and each question tend to check the knowledge of the student in depth from the core.

11.Solve as many as mock test you can every week to check your performance

As teachers used to reach us in school one should do revision everyday so that the concept gets clear and one gets to learn it easily. Candidates should solve as many as mock test to avoid errors in the examination, it increases the ability of a candidate to solve the paper with accuracy and speed, in time. It helps a candidate to decide which section is to be attempt first.

12.Select the right set of books to study.

Selection of books for preparation is as important as most of the candidates gets puzzle referring to the countless books available for the preparation in the market. To make your basics strong candidates should look forward to the NCERT books.


13.Strategize your remaining days accordingly

Follow a study plan and stick to that daily study plan for leftover remaining days before the exams. Its is necessary to read for 9 to 10 hours on regular basis but try to have a study plan and work accordingly, it will guide you for the remaining days exam preparation. Success never comes easy one has to work hard to taste it.

14.Be familiar to the syllabus

Candidate should know all the topics which are mentioned in the UPSC main syllabus. By knowing the syllabus one will be able to differentiate between the important and the relevant topics covered for Mains exam preparation.

15.Take proper sleep and be confident

Candidates should note that sleep deprivation will take you to nowhere else so sleep well eat well on the eve of examination and don’t go through any new topic prior to the examination. Confidence is the key to success in any examination so be high on confidence and do not panic during  UPSC examination. Never give up, be confident, have a never say die attitude.


ALL THE BEST! For the UPSC civil services examination aspirants. These tips to UPSC will help you manage your time and  studies accordingly to crack UPSC.

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