History Geography Polity Economy mains-syllabus prelims-syllabus
Geography is one of the vital part of UPSC exam – and plays significant role in your success in achieving success in this exam. There are so many facts which people have to remember while reading geography – but for clearing UPSC this is something which is very important – try to generate interests in knowing about your natural and human surroundings and its behaviours.
Think of knowing geography as knowing about your existence and where you are and the significance of the place you are in.This will help you to grow eagerness about knowing more and more about our country and world and hence you will grow interest and yes that is what is needed by UPSC 😊

Tips to make it simple and easy to learn geography. 😊

Know what to learn and what to revise : First thing to do is knowing syllabus and don’t worry about reading and remembering complete syllabus, just have a read of it and start reading syllabus and once you complete syllabus you will be knowing about syllabus and what is important what is not. Know your opponent and here it is question paper : Read previous year question papers thoroughly – again you don’t need to do it at first instance when you are starting to study- do it once you complete a chapter or a topic and then open previous year papers.
Whatever you read – relate it with your surroundings : Read and understand and then relate how what you read is applicable to your surroundings and when you go out relate everything and revise what you read while seeing things. Relate all the subjects well : Once you read geography – relate it with history,economics etc because all of it is connected to each other- if you read about an area that area is having some political events – constituency attached to it and there will be some political party working there – which again will be having some controversies – that party will have some past events so relate it with history – how that area is important from natural resources point of view and what natural resources or what kind of agriculture industries are important for that region or place or state or country as a whole. History Geography Polity Economy mains-syllabus prelims-syllabus
Remember oceans, Himalayas ranges, continents, various straits, various wars and conflicts between countries and history etc, countries which passes through prime meridian, read about how time got discovered and how time in different countries is decided.
Make your study a fun time and you will feel like you have completed whole syllabus and you are having knowledge of everything and ultimately which will lead you to success.

History Geography Polity Economy mains-syllabus prelims-syllabus