History Geography Polity Economy mains-syllabus prelims-syllabus

Mains Syllabus and Strategy

Work harder, more Smarter and more focus on quality and grasp as much quantity as much you can. Know your limits and then improvise and improve on top of that.

Mains GS-I

Mains GS-II

Mains GS-III

Mains GS-IV


  • Follow standard set of books and minimize your resources – focus majorly on important topics and parallelly do other topics.

  • Remember you have to give maximum output within very limited time while writing exams.

  • Evolve your own methods to identify your strengths and ensure you identify weakness areas as well.

  • Stick to standard books in this website and ensure to visit these books again and again and cover page by page.

  • While revising try to memorize what you read earlier and then go ahead and read – this will enforce the brain to memorize it for longer.

  • Do revise again and again – read all these books on the website whenever you find time.
History Geography Polity Economy mains-syllabus prelims-syllabus