History Geography Polity Economy mains-syllabus prelims-syllabus

Prelims Syllabus and Strategy

Work Smarter and focus on quality - not on quantity


  • Prelims 2019 is almost here. Most of the aspirants are by now must be reading books and newspapers, making notes, taking classes, attempting mock tests and most importantly preparing themselves for this exam.

  • The first thing to do is always look at previous years question papers. To understand what the UPSC wants the candidate to know and what information is relevant for this exam. This perspective will assist aspirants whenever they are preparing from any reading material and more importantly will help them overcome doubts regarding what the UPSC might or might not ask from any given topic.

  • After gaining familiarity with syllabus and the pattern of previous year papers – now candidate can go ahead and start reading ncerts and relevant books – if there is a tight timeline and exam is very near then go for selective strategy and pick and choose topics from syllabus and read about them in your ncerts and make short notes.

  • Reading newspaper is very important – it will keep you updated with the current affairs and create your own opinion and you will be able to make better choices. Spend good amount of time in reading newspapers but hey – you need to ensure you are not over doing it and wasting your time in reading irrelevant content.
History Geography Polity Economy mains-syllabus prelims-syllabus